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All residents deserve the right to vote

It's time tenants had a say in the future of their building.

Council's Mail Drop 'expensive Mistake'

SHOALHAVEN City Council's arrangement with Southern Phone Company's The Mail publication has come to an abrupt end after both parties agreed to terminate the contract.

To Our Readers

If there's a subject you want to tell us about, or have something you want to get off your chest, let us know. Send an email of no more than 120 words to and put the word Soapbox in the subject field. We will read all of them more

Some Councils Keep Their Ratepayers Well Informed

NOT many people read the annual report of their local council but it is a statutory requirement that one be produced.

Health Problem We Must Digest

THERE is a crisis facing indigenous communities. But you won't read or hear about in the media. It can't be solved by police or the legal system. It's a crisis few politicians of any stripe have raised in question time.